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Free Tools Definitions

View Liquidity- Money that you can get to easily, either by making a withdrawal at the bank or by selling your investments is your liquidity. If you've lost your job or want to make a large purchase like a car or house, this is when liquidity comes into play. Tracking and trying to increase your liquidity will give you peace of mind, and options when a need arises.

Calculate Net Worth- If you sold all of your assets and paid off all of your debts, how much is left? That is your net worth. Growing your net worth can be done by increasing your assets or decreasing your liabilities and debts. Both are important steps to achieve your goals.

See Home Value- The value of your home is constantly changing.  It’s easy to always know what your home is worth with our software.

Establish Goals- Most successful investors have a plan and/or set goals. If you don't know where you're going, how do you expect to ever get there? You can utilize our goal setting software to help you plan and track your goals.

Track Cashflow- You always want to be sure you're spending less than you earn. Negative cash flow means you have to go into debt or dip into your liquidity. Neither is ideal. Our software gives you a high level snapshot to show how you're doing and help keep you on the right path.

Link Accounts- Take a look at everything you own, in one convenient place.